Allen Crowder II

Owner & Operator of NMMAC

Sports Conditioning
Weight Management
Strength Training

I grew up in a gym from a young age and have always been very interested in competitive bodybuilding. Always idolizing Arnold Schwarzenegger and my father, I became very strong in the weight room. From years in the gym, I was very athletic and excelled in high school football, I went all state, all conference, and became defensive player of the year, including being nominated to play in the Shrine Bowl at the end of my senior year. From there I had a full ride scholarship to East Carolina University where I played my first couple of years. Losing passion for the sport, I decided to try competitive bodybuilding. Placing 5th in the open division of the Elite Classic in Greensboro North Carolina. From there I decided I needed to return to school and finish my degree where I was first introduced to MMA. Falling in love with the sport after my first amateur fight! Continuing to move forward onto having an 8-1 record before turning Pro, where I went 9-2 before getting my first fight in the UFC. Continuing to fight for the UFC while I run my own business and trying my best to help kids and adults obtain a state of physical fitness and self defense with the various classes of mixed martial arts I have to offer at my school.

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Ruben Ricardo Rodrigues

5th degree black belt from master Joe Moreira coral/white 9th degree

Born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Nickname: Rubao

Rubao has been involved with BJJ since 1987. And is considered one of the best teachers of the art of brazilian jui jitsu around. He started his martial arts study at twelve years of age with Judo from 1974 to 1984 which he is also a Black belt!

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Jamie Buchanan

IBJJF Certified Brown Belt  Jamie Buchanan started wrestling in high school and was a state qualifier in his second year at the varsity level.  He started training MMA and catch wrestling at the Palestrina in his first year of college at Western Carolina University.  The next year, Jamie started training in no-gi BJJ with the university’s club team and competing in submission grappling tournaments.After graduating, Jamie moved to Burlington where he started training BJJ under black belt Denis Kopec in the spring of 2010.  With his previous knowledge and dominance at the white belt level in tournaments, he was given his blue belt that fall. After Dennis retired from coaching, Jamie started training directly under Rubens Rodrigues at Team Rubao Carioca in Mebane, NC in 2012.  Jamie started teaching the kids class at Ruben’s academy in the spring of 2016 and he received his brown belt from Ruben in December of that same year. Jamie has also received certifications for assistant instructor in MMA, Self Defense, and BJJ from Joe Moreira.